It has come out a whistleblower, Edward Snowden, is bravely risking his life to tell us about PRISM. This administration is calling him a traitor. What did he do? He let the American people know this government is spying on us, listening to everything we use electronically and holding the information at a new facility in Utah.

This administration is going to lie and try to destroy this hero. We need to heed Snowden’s warnings. Our civil rights are being violated and this is a big deal. This is what Common Core will do to our children, data mining.

Our government will tell you all this data collecting is for our protection. If you believe this, you are ignorant. Our personal information is none of this government’s business. I talked about tyranny with this government. Well, it’s here.

So who is Snowden? He is a hero; support him. We need more whistleblowers on this government. You are being lied to, and it will get much much worse.

Pick up your phones and call your representatives. Tell them, “No more.” Don’t just sit and think the other person will do it. Do it yourself. While you are on the phone, tell your representative “no” on the immigration bill.

Rebecca Orians,