Explain gas prices

Can anyone explain to me why it seems Tiffin is always higher than the surrounding areas for gas prices? I noticed this a lot lately, but Saturday really took the cake. We needed to go to Toledo to visit a relative who is in the hospital. The closer we got, the cheaper it was.

The lowest was at station closest to St. Vincent. It was $2.99 a gallon! At Tiffin, the lowest I noticed was $3.65. Why?

If just one station would stop following what everyone else is doing, then their rewards would be great. I am sure it is corporate makes the prices up, but can’t someone locally tell corporate what a mistake it is making.

In fact, even $ 2.99 is too high with what the price of oil is. But I welcome that price, compared to what we are being forced to pay. Oh, that’s right, I can just fill up in a different town. This is just one more way/reason Tiffin is sinking.

Duane Keefe,