Another plot to steal

This is another generic letter about thefts from cemeteries. Only thing is, this time it’s different; you stole from my husband’s grave at Southbend Cemetery. I never could understand how anyone could be so crass. The two shepherd’s hooks had a special meaning, and the chimes were there for remembrance.

You have no empathy, no compassion, no human decency to do something like this! His plot looks so empty, so barren, like we don’t care and have forgotten about him, but that is one thing you can’t take from us!

I will get something put back up, in time, but if you feel the need to take that, I’ll just keep replacing things. If you need something that bad, give me a call, I’m in the phone book. I will buy you what you need in hopes you leave the graves alone in all cemeteries!

Again, if this is how you get your jollies, bless your heart. Oh, wait; you don’t have a heart!

Patsy Hill,