Winning solution

We are writing in response to Fred Zoeller’s $5 initiative. As citizens of Seneca County, we are excited to see positive action to better our city and county.

Everyone is feeling the burden of rough economic times, so is now the time to ask citizens for even more of their hard-earned money? Yes, and I will tell you why. Unlike the money you send to Washington, we will directly benefit from this. We should not think of this as a tax, but as an investment. We are investing in the safety of our families. We are investing in the economic and developmental growth of our cities and county.

If we fail to receive state funding, the money will be divided among the townships and the $5 fee will end. This is a no-lose situation. This is an investment with little to no risk; why would we not want this?

My suggestion is for the citizens to get behind this investment. Let’s be proactive and do something we can be proud of.

Jason and Brittani

McClaflin, Tiffin