Take the CPR Challenge

The Tiffin Fire Rescue Division would like to remind all county residents of the upcoming CPR Challenge. The first event will be part of a joint health fair with Mercy Tiffin Hospital. Anyone can come May 19, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., at Tiffin Community YMCA. Registration is not required and there is no cost.

The CPR Challenge is a community education campaign designed to get 10 percent of Seneca County residents basic knowledge of hands-only CPR in the next five years. It only takes about five minutes to learn this life-saving skill, and all age groups are encouraged to attend.

Some questions have been brought to my attention about whether this was a certification class. There is no certification involved; however, we certainly can teach anyone what they need to know to do effective CPR and help save someone’s life. Even those who already may be certified can attend, so we can count you in.

The CPR Challenge has been lucky enough to acquire sponsors who are paying to have T-shirts made for the event. Anyone who participates will be given a T-shirt until they are gone. Anyone interested in helping sponsor the event can contact me for more information, as we are looking for all the support we can get. We are also working on prizes to be given away in a drawing for participants. We currently have two season passes to the Monsoon Lagoon to give away and hope for more to come.

Weather permitting, Mercy St. Vincent’s Life Flight will be on hand to view along with fire trucks and ALS squads from Tiffin Fire. This is the first event of many to come, so keep a look out for what’s coming next. We will be offering the challenge in multiple locations throughout the county as we progress.

Advances in cardiac care in EMS have come a long way. There is not a lot that can’t be done in an ambulance with a paramedic that can be done in the emergency department of a hospital. However, no matter how much advance care EMS can provide, the best chance a victim has to survive is by getting early CPR. Those first few minutes are critical to survival, and that’s why the Seneca County Hands Over Hearts CPR Challenge is so important. Take five minutes, take the challenge, be a hero. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/senecacprchallenge.

Michael Homan,

Tiffin Fire Division