Manufacturers support $5 license fee assessment

Dear residents of Seneca County,

There has been a lot of discussion and debate the past several weeks in regards to the proposed $5 license fee assessment.

The purpose of this assessment is to give Seneca County the ability to solicit funds from the state of Ohio for highway and road improvements. The state of Ohio has millions of dollars this year that it will be allocating to its counties for these improvements. In order to have an opportunity to receive any portion of the millions of dollars for highway and road improvement, a financial commitment and detailed highway and road improvement plan must be presented to the state of Ohio by the applying county.

The $5 fee would generate Seneca County approximately $200,000 per year for the financial commitment and a detailed highway and road improvement plans that have been devised for SR 53 north and south, as well as extending Tyber Road to SR 18 to connect to Eagle Rock and North Star Industrial Parks.

Why support the proposed $5 license fee assessment? What is the benefit?

1. Priority one – safety. According to the State Highway Patrol, Seneca County has one of the highest per mile accident rates of any rural county in Ohio. Between 2009-2012 (most current information), there have been 287 serious accidents and 29 fatal accidents. Is $5 worth saving a life? Preventing an accident? Please consider the last major road and highway improvements in Seneca County took place in the 1950s.

2. Economic development. There is an old saying, “preparation meets opportunity.” Opportunity is knocking. Improvement of the roads and highways lays the fundamental infrastructure in Seneca County:

to attract more businesses and in doing so, create employment opportunities.

to sustain the long-term growth of our manufacturing facilities in Seneca County, not only for our current loyal employees but for generations to come.

to build on the quality of life we enjoy in Seneca County.

We strongly support the $5 license assessment fee. We ask you to join us. The only way to obtain approval for the assessment fee is through a unanimous “yes” vote from our county commissioners. The voice of the people is the most powerful asset in Seneca County. Time is of the essence and we ask you to please contact our county commissioners without delay expressing your support. The commissioners can be contacted by:

Phone: (419) 447-4550

Fax: (419) 447-0556


Commissioner Holly Stacy –

Commissioner Jeff Wagner –

Commissioner Fred Zoeller –

In person: 111 Madison St., Tiffin, OH 44883


Ameriwood Industries Inc.; Jacobson MFG LLC, Tiffin; Laminate Technologies Inc.; Tiffin Insulators Co. LLC; National Machinery LLC; Quick Tab II Inc.; Diversified Graphics; Roppe Corp.; Sarka; Taiho Corp. of America; Tiffin Loader Crane Co.; Tiffin Metal Products Co.; and Webster Industries Inc.