The choice to kill children

Do pro-choice people value their own life? Just how morbid are they? If they do not value life, what do they value? Their mothers were pro-life. They gave them the gift of life. Are pro-choice people saying they wish they never were born? That they would be willing to give up being born so their mother could have the choice to kill them?

America was founded on Christian values. Christ was the center of daily life, publicly and privately. Today, Satan runs rampant. As a society, have we become so complacent that we do not notice?

We have politicians who tell us what we can eat and how much, what we can drink and how much, how fast we can drive, how much insurance we have to have, how many taxes we must pay, how much we can weigh, and when/where we can smoke; yet, we have the choice to kill our children. If we keep killing our future, there will not be anyone left to follow all these other rules.

How did this happen? How did we, as a society, get here? Does any of this bother anyone? How can the human mind fathom such things? How do we sleep at night knowing that every day, 4,000 babies are being ripped from their mother’s womb? Their arms, legs, heads and entire bodies are ripped to pieces; all the while the baby is fighting for life, fighting for a chance to live. Who would have ever thought in the greatest nation in the world, we have the worst possible thing happening. All in the name of choice, women’s choice. What about all the other choices mentioned above (eating, drinking, smoking, taxes, insurance, weight)? All these choices were given up to big government.

We need to get on our knees and pray for an end of this murder before it’s too late. Abortion is crippling this Christian country. God have mercy on this nation. Pray that he does not give us what we truly deserve!


Sarah Hess,