Support the library levy

To the residents of the Bellevue School District:

Our Bellevue Public Library is an outstanding asset, anchoring the eastern end of historic downtown Bellevue. It’s a busy place, hosting more than 8,000 users and visitors a month. Everyone, from age 3 to 73 (and beyond) can find a ‘home’ in the library. It’s a joy to walk in the door and see residents reading in a quiet corner, using computers, enjoying a teen book club, an adult book club or one of the many programs offered on a monthly basis. That programming, the purchase of books, movies and more, are all paid from the library’s operating budget. The director and library board are good stewards and manage to provide outstanding services on a limited budget.

Cuts in state funding have had an impact, and there are critical needs that must be addressed: to correct the existing moisture problems that threaten the integrity of our historic Carnegie building; to upgrade the restroom facilities that get heavy daily use; and to relocate the circulation desk to provide more usable space for the public to use and enjoy.

A bond issue of less than 1 mill can solve these problems. The owner of an $80,000 home could fund these improvements for less than the price of a cup of coffee – just $1.39 per month (less than $1 per month for residents eligible for the Homestead exemption).

The Committee to Grow Bellevue actively supports the efforts of the Bellevue Public Library to maintain and upgrade our magnificent Carnegie Library building, anchoring our downtown for 110 years! With their stewardship, it will serve our community for a century to come.

Please support and vote for the 0.67-mill bond issue for capital maintenance and improvements at the Bellevue Public Library.

The Committee to Grow Bellevue,

Judy Miller, secretary