Stop Common Core

Sarah Kleinfelter wrote a very good letter March 27 about Common Core. I would like to expand on her letter.

You will have no say at the state or local level on your child’s education. As we know, the federal government always ruins what it gets involved in. But with Common Core, they knowingly are doing so. If you home school, Common Core will have to be taught. Our government plans to infect every type of schooling out there.

A professor saw how the federal government wanted the children taught math and said it was insane. Common Core will destroy a child’s love of reading because they will be reading manuals instead of the classics in school. It wants to show that communism is the best for a society instead of capitalism, and history shows when you have communism, millions die.

Common Core tracks your child’s every move. His or her future will be predetermined. Learn about Common Core at, stop and

Talk to others, your board of education, and call your state representatives. Let them know this cannot come into our state. We only have a small window to stop this. The federal government would like to have this implemented by September 2014.

Don’t just sit and let others do the calling and talking, get involved. It’s your kids who will suffer if you do nothing.

Beck Orians,