Salute to Volunteers overlooked fire, EMS

Saturday, The Advertiser had an insert on volunteers. I’m not sure who selected the volunteers who got an article in this insert, but I think a lot of volunteers were forgotten. It makes me upset that nothing was said about the hundreds of dedicated men and women of rural Seneca County who volunteer many hours every day on our EMS squads and fire departments.

We’re the ones who get called out in the middle of the night and get up the next day and go to our real jobs. We’re the ones who are required to take refresher courses and continuing education every three years to keep our license. We’re the ones who volunteer our time in hopes of making a difference to all the people who live in rural Seneca County.

It’s a very gratifying feeling when you get a simple “thank you” for someone who needed your help.

Even though we weren’t recognized in the insert, we would like to thank the seven volunteer EMS squads and the 11 volunteer fire departments of Seneca County for their unselfish time and dedication to our communities.

Brenda Rosier, 16-year basic EMT, New Riegel

Denny Rosier, 18-year basic EMT, New Riegel