Road work

Welcome, “I’m a businessman not a politician” Fred Zoeller. The first thing on his agenda is to raise taxes on all the fine people of Seneca County. Thanks a lot!

Any person who says it will cost only a price of a pizza per year is a worse politician than you are. Almost everyone has at least two vehicles. My wife and I buy four tags a year and we’re not alone. How many tags do the county, city and townships have to buy? All paid for by taxpayers.

A lot of small businesses have more than five vehicles and have to recover that extra cost from us consumers; thanks again, politicians.

Only $200,000 or $300,000 is not going to do much for a wider highway when it costs millions. Now, for more money, let’s go up to the max and charge $20 extra tax. Then, when the state says no, all politicians can get a big raise.

I’m sure the truck drivers at Laminate Tech and other companies would like SR 53 wider. The facts are, if people would not use their phones, smoke, play with the radio, eat, drink or drive more than the speed limit, they could save a lot of accidents. Look at four-lane I-75, an accident on it every day.

US 224 from SR 100 east also needs to be wider. Where does it stop? Find the money in the budget to put aside. I know the commissioners’ and the county engineer’s salary together is about $200,000 a year. How much is that per hour?

Most of the good taxpayers of Seneca County remember the “temporary .5-percent” sales tax put on about 10 years ago. Now, Seneca County has one of the highest sales taxes in the surrounding counties at 7 percent, compared to 6.5 percent. Where did the money go?

Fred Bowers,