Recycling in the Tiffin area

The earth is a very unique planet in our solar system and perhaps in the universe. It contains minerals distributed in ores that have to be mined, concentrated and then used to make the world as we know it. Tremendous amounts of energy for these manufacturing processes come from the use of fossil fuels that are, in themselves, non-renewable.

Some of these minerals are rare and may become mined out or be too expensive to collect. In modern times, more abundant concentrated minerals, after their primary use, have been discarded and/or dumped into landfills. Some of the small hills or mounds in Ohio are discarded landfills. This is a growing problem.

The idea of recycling is beginning to catch on and grow. The re-use of these concentrated minerals does not require the amount of energy used in the original process of concentration. The amount of trash and garbage sent to the landfills is greatly reduced. It makes economic sense.

Most of us like to think about ways to help care for Mother Earth. Though our recycling may seem like an insignificant step, as a collective whole, it is very significant.

Here in Tiffin, our recycling center, Karl’s Hauling Services, is located at 72 Adams St. There are additional recycling centers in each of the townships that border Tiffin.

The Karl’s Hauling Services is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8 a.m.-noon Saturday. During the above hours, one can drive inside a barn-like structure, deposit their recyclables in appropriate bins and exit by another door to Adams Street. Courteous, helpful hands are provided by the center to assist the recyclers.

There are five bins for paper products: one for newspapers and all the ads and materials within, a second container is for corrugated cardboard, a third is for plain cardboard such as cereal boxes, a fourth with office paper and a fifth for advertisements that come in the mail. Two bins contain clean metal products, one with aluminum cans and other aluminum products and another with metal cans with the paper labels removed. There is a bin for glass, but Pyrex and car window glass are not accepted. A final bin contains all kinds of metals, e.g. worn-out pots and pans. Used computers and microwaves were observed at the center. Call (419) 447-5227 to be sure.

Plastic grocery bags can be recycled at Kroger.

A drop-off program for township recycling was begun in 2012. All recyclables such as those listed for the Tiffin center above do not have to be sorted and can be dropped off en masse into the large containers at each center. The centers are open seven days a week during daylight hours. The township recycling program is for county residents only. Detailed information can be found at

Clinton Township – Fire Station 1, 837 SR 101 and Fire Station 2, US 224.

Eden Township – past site of Melmore School, 6571 S. SR 100.

Hopewell Township – 5281 W. TR 1112, Bascom.

Pleasant Township – at the old Pleasant Township house north of the old fire department.

Why not help your kinfolk, friends and neighbors in this important mission?

Percy Lilly,