Coach treated shabbily

On behalf of my husband and myself as basketball coaches and residents of the New Riegel School District, I would like to apologize to Todd Aichholz for the shabby treatment shown to him by our board of education and administration. Is this the reward you get for an outstanding career as New Riegel’s varsity boys’ coach – the ax? If there is/was a policy in the system that states a teacher who is qualified to coach has first dibs on the job, that should have been enacted a long time ago. Why now, after seven years? Frankly, I don’t know why Todd or anyone else would want to coach anymore. The money doesn’t come close to paying for your time. It’s a year-’round job, and you have to fight all of the AAU and club sports that run concurrently with any sport you coach. In conclusion, good luck to Coach Aichholz and may you wind up in a school district with a program that appreciates your capabilities.

Melissa A. DeMoss,

New Riegel