Word is the word

I would like to respond to some recent letters. I have read the column written by Steven Risner and the one from the Rev. Pam Easterday. I would like to commend Mr. Risner for showing his love for Christ and his word by teaching people the truth about creation.

Any believer in Christ should hold every word written in the Bible as absolute truth, and as a believer it is our responsibility to disciple for him and teach others the truth of his word.

Mr. Risner has done just that.

I do not, as a believer, understand how Pam Easterday can be a minister of the word of God and not take it in the literal sense it was meant to be taken. The Bible is the indisputable word of God and it clearly explains God created the earth and everything on it.

I would be very interested in seeing a response from Mr. Risner about the things the Rev. Easterday had to say. Keep shining the light of Christ on those in your sphere of influence, Mr. Risner. When you stand at the judgment seat of Christ, leading people astray with false doctrine will definitly not be something you will be answering for.

My suggestion for the Rev. Easterday is to open her Bible and begin reading it with the heart of someone seeking the truth of God’s holy word.

Bev Hemmerly-Lake,