Unwrap the traffic lights

Maybe funding can be found for the two traffic lights that are bagged. I can’t recall driving through any other towns where the lights are bagged but the school signs remain. Some drivers have increased their speed in these areas. The Ohio Safe Routes to Schools program is to encourage walking and bicycling to school. This program would ensure that there be safe routes to schools, which would mean something would have to be done with the bagged traffic lights.

Tiffin City Schools will be reducing the amount of busing it does next year. It would seem that much would have to be done educating the students about safety and the public about removing snow from their sidewalks and not blocking sidewalks with parked cars. Also, many drivers enter a four-lane highway with just one of the two lanes being clear on their side. It does sound like a worthwhile program; however, I suspect many parents may still prefer to drop off and pick up their children at school.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Holzhauser,