Thoughts on Kasich’s budget

Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget plan is “Are you kidding me?” Wow! This budget plan proposal gets you coming and going. It is unbelievable at a time when the economy is slowly moving out of a down economic time.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if you drop sales tax from 5.5 percent to 5 percent and then add a tax of services that Ohioans use every day, in the long run you and I are going to pay taxes on just about everything we do and it will cost us more money.

I believe Ohio will lose in real estate sales because of the new tax proposal. This proposal would increase consumer real estate fees on everything from home inspections to contractors. Some of the additional state sales taxes in this proposal include haircuts, dog grooming, dating services, book, movie and music downloads, Buckeyes, Browns and Bengal games, Cedar Point and King’s Island visits, bowling and magazine subscriptions.

When the state sales tax was created in the 1930s, Ohio was a manufacturing goods state. Many people were employed in manufacturing factories. Good jobs with benefits. Politicians in Washington allowed “unfair trade agreements.” I believe Kasich has supported such agreements. Just read the labels on the products you buy and see where they are made.

Instead of Kasich stating Ohio is now a state of services and wanting to tax Ohioans who live here on services they use in their daily livelihood, the governor should be thinking of “Made in Ohio,” “Made in America,” and “Made in Seneca County” and trying to create good-playing employment that will support a family instead of taxing Ohioans for his budget revenue.

Beware Ohioans! The following items and services could be taxed in the governor’s budget proposal:

Horse boarding and training; pet grooming; intrastate courier service; magazines, radio and television local advertising; public relations consulting; secretarial and court reporting services; telemarketing services on contract; telephone answering service; test laboratories (excluding medical); travel agent services, software – custom programs and programming; software – modifications to pre-written programs; downloaded books, music and movies/digital video; other downloaded electronic goods; parking lots and garages; admission to cultural events; admission to professional sports events; admission to school and college sports events; amusement park admission and rides; billiard parlors; bowling alleys; cable television services; circuses and fairs – admissions and games; coin-operated video games; pari-mutuel racing events; pinball and other mechanical amusements; rental of films and tapes by theaters; accounting and booking; architects; attorneys; credit rating service; engineers; land surveying; public relations; sound recording; and stenographic services.

Paul Fey,