Save the sanctimony

It would seem, once again, we have another vociferous and high-minded individual who would determine what the law-abiding citizens of this country need and what they don’t need.

While citing many one-sided “statistics’ and demeaning the goodwill of 5 million National Rifle Association members, Scott Edmondson (March 23 Opinion page) may want to contemplate what kind of laws he wants to propose for another 60 million Americans who have committed no crime.

I would suppose he would not have a problem having his son or daughter deputized to enforce another “prohibition” in the U.S.

I find many righteous liberals who decry heinous crime are also aghast at the thought of the death penalty as a deterrent for future crazies.

I personally am for “choice” – as in the needle or the chair. Law enforcement may appreciate this.

Until we as a society face the real statistics of gun crime, without the wailing over “profiling,” we will find no answer. Until we realize the Second Amendment is not about hunting, some will not understand it. Until we quit asking the government to create the morals we demand of everyone else, we will have tragedies.

I personally do not need another hyperventilating individual running my life.

David J. Brickner