Rally for Guantanamo detainees

“What is it to be a companion of Jesus today? It is to engage, under the standard of the cross, in the crucial struggle of our time: the struggle for faith and the struggle for justice which it includes.”

These are the words of Ignacio Ellacuria, one of the six Jesuit priests who were murdered in El Salvador in November 1989 along with their housekeeper and her young daughter.

In my time in Palestine especially, I came to see these words are important for all Christians.Our works to preventor to heal the horrors of violence in our culture, the struggle we makefor justice in any area of our livesmust be a part of our Christian faith.

This week, Washington, D.C.-based Witness Against Torture has urged usto take up the cause for justiceof the 166 men detained in Guantanamo.I want to invite the citizens of Tiffin to join me and others of Pax Christi and Project Peace to do an action each remainingday tobring greater awareness of this detainee camp to ourselves and others.This place is a modern-day Calvary. Men have suffered torture, have died, have been enduring unfair detainment even when cleared, privation of their families, etc.

Actions we invite you to do:

Visit the website, Witness Against Torture.

Fast and pray, especially for the men one day this week.

Write a letter to our president reminding him of his promise to close Guantanamo.

Write a letter to a prisoner in Guantanamo. Call me at (419) 447-0435 for a name.

Add your name to a petition form. Call the above number.

Thank you for taking an interest in these men’s lives. Let your actions be works of faith and justice.

Sister Paulette Schroeder, Project Peace