Poll participants poorly chosen

I am greatly disappointed you feel it necessary to publicly poll (March 18 Opinion page) young men of opinions they may hold over actions they may have no legal right to participate in. Their responses seem reflective of a culture that has raised, probably according to recent studies, the most narcissistic generation in our nation’s history.

To target such inquisitory importance on a crowd that we’re called upon, it seems, more and more, tragically to grieve the deaths of those involved in choices they’ve made to use alcohol just isn’t acceptable. To place a supposed positive spin isn’t fair either to the young men not the adult citizens who don’t wish to be included with those who would accept the promotion of alcohol for the so-called public good.

I believe the community of Tiffin is much better than this.

Even though you would suggest 70 percent of the respondents would say OK to the poll, they are probably, sadly, a lot of ambivalent “whatevers.”

For those who wish to consume adult beverages, there are those places to frequent but not in the name nor on the premises of our public parks. I’m saddened that public leadership at all levels would even entertain using public trust and public venues adding alcohol as an incentive to satisfy the wishes of a few.

Bob Adelsperger