Our entertainment options inspire

We in Tiffin are so privileged to have such wonderful opportunities for extremely high-quality entertainment and involvement. The “100 Years of Broadway” production was absolutely marvelous.

When you listen to the mature, controlled voices of the stars of the great productions of “Phantom of the Opera,” “Cats,” etc. and know that these folks have been heard in New York, Chicago, LA and hundreds of other major cities, and that we have that available here, it’s amazing.

It’s just so sad our beautiful Ritz Theatre isn’t full to overflowing.

Thanks to Mike Strong and all who make this possible.

It was somewhat embarrassing The A-T had “an unknown” singer pictured on the front page; there were programs available and, of the the five vocalists, only one was a blond.

Another terrific venue this past weekend was the international dinner at Tiffin University. For $10, you got an enormous buffet of delectable food from all around the world and a wholeevening of entertainment by international students and a band from Toledo. What a deal.

We are so glad we live in Tiffin.

Beth Shanabrook