No one needs an assault rifle

Here are some facts for all of the hyperventilating Second Amendment screamers and Wayne LaPierre accusing President Barack Obama of being a tyrant and trying to “grab your guns.”

The murderer at Sandy Hook Elementary shot 150 bullets in less than 5 minutes before killing himself. He had four extra 30-round magazines for his AR15 Bushmaster. He murdered a clump of first-graders trying to get away from him in a bathroom. One survived by playing dead.

Assault weapons bullets don’t just pass through flesh, they expand on impact, doing maximum damage. It’s how they were designed.

The current legislation being considered exempts more than 2,000 weapons. Currently, people on the government terrorist watch list can legally buy weapons. The data on gun violence compiled by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives cannot be published or released to the public or even Congress thanks to a 2006 law inserted by Republicans under the control of the National Rifle Association.

The NRA is no longer an education organization, but a lobbying organization fueled by money from gun manufacturers who are not interested in the carnage their products create but in profits from sales generated by panic talk they foment through right-wing media.

And while cigarette manufacturers can be held responsible for the damage their products do, the NRA was able to get legislation passed to insulate the manufacturer of the Bushmaster from facing any responsibility for the violence his instruments of death are creating, the favorite weapon of mass murderers.

The law that Congressional Republicans allowed to expire in 2004 would have prevented the mother of the Sandy Hook murderer from legally purchasing or owning the weapon he used and the magazines that hold 30 rounds. At best, he would have had 10-round magazines, meaning he would have had to carry 14 extra magazines and he could not have done what he did so quickly and some who died could have escaped.

The murderer had mental issues and his mother knew it, yet she chose to take him to shooting ranges and teach him to handle these vicious weapons.

These weapons do not belong in the hands of the general public and for 10 years they were banned and yet the Constitution survived and no government takeover of the country happened.

I ask you: when will it be enough? How many people have to die from military weapons that have no business in the hands of civilians? Have your shotguns. Have your rifles. Have your pistols. We know that sports hunting is good for everyone and if you feel the need to have a pistol to protect yourself, have at it. But no one needs an assault rifle.

It’s time to stop allowing pyschopaths and criminals to have weapons that can murder large numbers of people in mere minutes.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott Edmondson, Tiffin