NCOESC gives many thanks

Wednesday, North Central Ohio Educational Service Center hosted an all boards meeting. Invitations were extended to the schools in Seneca, Sandusky, Marion, Wyandot and Union counties.

First, thank you to those superintendents, treasurers and school board members who attended. We sincerely hope you left the evening with great information and appreciation for the work that you do.

Second, we would like to thank Jess Nelson, band director for Hopewell-Loudon Schools, and the jazz ensemble that performed and entertained our guests for about an hour. They are to be commended on a job well done.

Thank you to Jaime Nitecki, Aramark catering director, and her staff for providing the hors d’oeuvres and delicious meal. Your team is a real class act and one to be recommended for any event.

Jim Troha, vice president for institutional advancement and university relations for Heidelberg University, delivered an exceptional program on “Boardsmanship, Expectations and Commitments.” Thank you for taking time out your schedule to be with us and for demonstrating your passion for the work that you do. You are truly an asset to this community and while we are sad you will be leaving, we are truly happy for your future endeavors as president for Juniata College.

The evening concluded with a presentation by john P. T. Gordon. Gordon’s son was killed in 2008 by a texting driver. It has been his mission since his son’s death to educate and present to students, organizations and any other driver the dangers and hazards of distracted driving. He presented “Rusty’s Story” to a room where you could hear a pin drop.

Texting and driving has become the No. 1 killer of teenagers, he said … higher than drunk driving, homicide, suicide and illnesses. He said there are 15 kids killed each day from texting and driving. Gordon will be working with NCOESC to push the presentation to our schools so the kids in our communities are more aware of the dangers and not fall into the trap of “It won’t happen to me.” Thank you, John, for sharing your tragedy and passion with us.

Finally, the evening would not have gone as well as it did without the collaborative effort of the staff of NCOESC. It is refreshing to know and count on the people who walk the halls of this building. Thank you to Debbie Husk for helping with the invitations/mailings, name tags and packets for the evening; thank you Stephanie Brown, Tim Chaney and Ken Zahner for setting up and making sure our building/conference room was in top shape for our guests; thank you Kathy Mohr for setting up all of the technology; thank you Denise Gillett and John Davoli for helping to set up and then staying after to get the rooms ready for another busy day on Wednesday; thank you to everyone else who helped as well. It is very much appreciated.

Jim Lahoski, superintendent, NCOESC

Kelly Hohman, director of marketing, NCOESC