Little good comes with public drinking

I would like to thank my councilman, Jim Roberts, for what he said at the city council meeting about alcohol in the park. It’s nice to raise money for good causes, but not to use alcohol to draw people in. People say if they don’t have alcohol, people won’t come. Some people can drink responsibly and not get drunk out of their mind.

My experience of going to a fundraiser that had alcohol was not pleasant. I love all kinds of music and my husband and I were enjoying the bands. Then, as time went on, people were getting slushed and it wasn’t pretty. A couple got dancing that was downright vulgar. … There were small children there taking this all in. A man got up on a folding chair and almost fell off. I told my husband, “It’s time to go.”

In my case, alcohol ruined my fun of listening to the music. After that experience, I said I would not go to another fundraiser that had alcohol.

Alcohol changes people’s personalities, and it’s not for the good. The only way you can enjoy yourself around a drunk is to be drunk. There are plenty of bars in this town if they want to go drink. It’s nice that you want to provide transportation for people wanting to get home and not drive drunk. So what is that telling us? You know upfront people are going to get smashed. I feel sorry for the people who live around Hedges and will have to put up with this.

Why don’t you start catering to the people who don’t drink and will be there to support these fundraisers? If you don’t raise enough money, at least you will have a good reputation that you did your best and everyone had a lot of fun and was safe.

Years ago, there was a store that used to have a Christmas party every year, and they served alcohol until someone got drunk and drove home. That person got killed, and that was the end of the alcohol at the Christmas parties. I’m tell you that you can have fun without it and know what you did that night and no hangovers.

I hope city council thinks about this. If this goes through, it won’t be the last one to ask for the same permission.

Ruth Brown, Tiffin