Doris deserves credit

The article about The Drive Thru in Tiffin celebrating 40 years in business did not recognize Doris Eborg, now age 82, as the proud owner of The Drive Thru. D.J., as she is known to many, was a single mother of three sons at the time. She worked a full-time job at J.C. Penney and another part-time job in order to afford the purchase of the business in 1972. She gave her heart and soul to both entities until retiring from J.C. Penney.

Doris spent most every day of her retirement working at her business; she painted, cleaned, mowed, kept the financials, waited on customers and did all she could to make the business a success. She no longer works because standing on her feet and the heat and cold of the seasons affects her. Doris wintered in Florida with friends for many years.

Doris, along with her son, Russell, who manages the business, both should have been acknowledged and applauded in the recent article. Doris’s heart and soul belong to The Drive Thru and always will.


Daniel Eborg, Tiffin