Change fest site, not rules

I would like to applaud Nathan Mullins and Mark Wade on their tremendous undertaking of planning the music fest scheduled for June. What a wonderful plan to support the fireworks for the city. I remember how much I enjoyed listening to my children and grandchildren and the “oohs” and “ahhs’ from the spectacular fireworks. I also remember the wonderful family reunions at Hedges-Boyer Park throughout my lifetime. The swimming pool and the kids’ play equipment have always been popular with families. I will never tire of watching kids play baseball on those warm summer nights. I’m sure many other families share similar memories at the park.

But … do we really need alcohol at this festival? There are so few places where families can enjoy all the park has to offer. I have many concerns about opening the door to alcohol at our public park. First and foremost is the example we set for our kids. I also am concerned of the liability issues for the city. Once there is alcohol permitted in our city park, where can the line be drawn when other worthy groups want to fundraise in the park? No matter how careful they are, there is always the concern of underage consumption. As Councilman Jim Roberts commented, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Also, there may be additional cost to the police department. During the Heritage Festival, there appears to be more officers on duty.

I was very surprised to see Mayor Aaron Montz considering the plan. Yes, it is 2013, but I think he has forgotten the family values. As Brent Howard stated, there is an ordinance in place prohibiting alcohol at the park. Why start making exceptions to the rule? Why not move the venue to a site where alcohol is acceptable, instead of trying to change what we value in Tiffin?


Melba Lucius,