Be aware of Common Core

How would you feel if you had no say over what your children and grandchildren learn in school? What if your child’s teachers had to sign paperwork stating they would not discuss details of what they are teaching with parents? What would you say to a method of teaching that has not been tested for effectiveness, but now will be the norm for all classrooms in this country?

Welcome to yet another brilliant idea from President Obama.

He bypassed Congress and used his executive order privilege to implement an untested method of teaching called Common Core Curriculum. You may ask, as I did, “If this is such a drastic change, then why have we not heard of this Common Core?”

The answer lies in the way the administration is quickly pushing this through. They deny schools payment of stimulus money and “Race to the Top” funds unless they sign on to this new way of teaching. The curriculum pushes standardized computer testing several times per year, and classroom teaching revolves around teaching to the test.

It teaches our children what to think instead of how to think. It puts our children two more years behind the world mathematically, as the highest math class in

high school will not be calculus but algebra 2.

Common Core also tracks your children on 400-plus data points from preschool to age 20 (P20 Longitudinal Data System), ranging from bus stop times to family voting status to your child’s disciplinary history.

Common Core can be blocked and stopped if parents and teachers are willing to stand together and fight for the freedom to educate our children locally without a national curriculum. I strongly encourage you to visit, and unitedoptout.

com for more information. I believe we all have a right and a duty to be informed, especially in matters that concern our children.

Sarah Kleinfelter