When seconds count

I feel I must respond to the imaginative letter by Bob Murray in the Feb. 2 edition.

In the second paragraph, his idea of the “excuse” of the Second Amendment to carry an “automatic” weapon is farcical at best. An “automatic weapon” must legally be procured from a class III gun dealer with a thorough background check and a special federal fee.

In the third paragraph, the statement that hunters do not “need’ any such weapons belies the intent of the Second Amendment, which mentions neither “need” nor hunting. A study of the Founders’ definition of an “unorganized militia” would help.

As for the third paragraph, I must point out the National Rifle Association is not a monolithic monster but an organization of more than 4.5 million members who have put their good names and support behind the Second Amendment and represent more than 40 million law-abiding gun owners who should belong.

As for the sixth paragraph, the idea of banning all ammunition for this “type” of gun shows a general lack of firearms knowledge.

I strongly support our undermanned police forces, but must state that when seconds count, police are sometimes minutes away! Give us and them your support.

David J. Brickner,