Support your county museum

We live in Tiffin and we enjoy the quiet life as we carry on from our day-to-day activities. Tiffin has a lot of history, including the beautiful Sandusky River, turn-of-the-century, ornate buildings and old houses from Tiffin’s early life.

Tiffin lost the foundation of town square when the Grand Ole Lady came down and destroyed our picturesque downtown. We saw the courthouse come down and it cannot be rebuilt like it was in the 1800s. All is left is a green plot of grass which I call Tiffin’s “Ground Zero.”

I recently visited the beautiful Seneca County Museum and viewed the exhibit Tonia Hoffert put together, and there is a lot of history displayed. But folks, you need to realize we, the citizens Seneca County, are who make this museum stay afloat. If the funds stop, then we can close the doors and another time capsule is sealed to our future generations to come.

The museum is a tool for teaching our next generations and future as well the true history of Tiffin. That house is a living museum and they need support to keep it running. God bless Tonia for staying there as the curator without pay; it shows her dedication to the county.

So, the next time you are in the area of Clay Street or just taking a stroll past this house, stop in. Once you walk through the front door, you will be transformed back into the early days of Seneca County and understand why we should be proud of our city and county.

Paul Pospisil,