Red means stop

This month, I wish to share with you the updated number of red-light violations this year along with two recently reported violations.

In December, I reported we have had 57 automobiles pass stopped school buses with their flashing red lights on. From December until present, we have had an additional 26 reported violations, for a yearly total of 83.

I must remind you this is potentially a very dangerous situation. We must all remember a yellow school bus is on the highway for one sole purpose – the safe transportation of children to and from school. In our district, the majority of our transportation occurs between 6:30-8 a.m. and 2:45-4 p.m.

You all must have heard in the news recently of the lady who drove on the sidewalk around the stopped school bus. When I heard about this incident, I thought to myself, “that would never happen in Tiffin.” Well, I was wrong. Recently, a vehicle did pass one of our buses on the right side while it was stopped with its red lights on, discharging students. We were very fortunate the bus driver saw the car coming and was able to hold the students on the bus.

The second incident occurred when a bus driver reported a vehicle that passed her bus while she was stopped discharging students with her red lights on. She reported it appeared the vehicle accelerated to try to beat the bus.

I would like to remind all motorists to please obey the flashing red lights on a stopped school bus – this means stop your automobile.

Parents please take a minute to speak to your child about proper behavior on the school bus. Remember the school bus is an extension of the classroom and all classroom rules apply. We continue to have a lot of standing and changing seats while the bus is moving. A passenger in a school bus is only properly protected when seated facing forward with their feet on the floor.

Randy Conger, transportation supervisor.