Recommended reading

The Advertiser-Tribune certainly gave Steve Risner enough column inches to to try defend creationism. He even tried a few facts. Too bad he stirred in so much misinformation. While Risner claims there are no fossils of early, simple organisms, a search of stromatolites will give the reader lots to discover.

A January report from Western Australia reveals that not only do we have fossil evidence from 3.49 billion years ago, but indications of organization and chemical communication across multiple types of bacteria in what The Washington Post called “microbial cities.” This, just a billion years after the earth was formed.

This is shocking, because Risner argues against earth itself being billions of years old. This makes Risner a “young-earth” creationist. Since creationists use biblical interpretation as their starting point, they have a variety of conflicting beliefs about how the world works, and no reliable way to find answers or agreement.

For those who would like to learn about God’s wonderful world, I recommend the small book “Science, Evolution and Creationism” from the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine, or their companion book for teachers. Also, from Christian biologist Ken Miller, the book “Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul.”

Most denominations declared, long ago, that faith and science are compatible. Our children need not be held hostage by a fearful minority.


The Rev Pam Easterday,