Mistreated customer

On the afternoon of Friday, I entered a restaurant in Tiffin. I’ve dined there often in the past so the waitresses know me well enough to know that I’m disabled and rely on my walker when ambulating.

Before being seated, I asked the waitress if she would take the handled plastic bag I was carrying and either place it behind the counter or take it and put it on the table she was going to place me at. Inside the bag, I was holding a 4-pound bag of dry cat food. The weight of the bag and its contents was throwing me off balance enough to make me a little unsteady on my feet. The waitress refused to assist me. She told me to carry it myself.

Next, the manager, who overheard, appeared at my right side and told me in a nasty tone of voice that she does not help people, that I should carry the bag myself. I was appalled by this poor, unfeeling behavior being demonstrated by these two employees inside the restaurant. I was also embarrassed that this situation had taken place and was overheard by other customers. I left the restaurant.

I will never again enter this establishment. I strongly believe that these two people should go back to business school and learn how to demonstrate the proper attitude and behavior toward disabled citizens!


Mike Brock,