Outdoor cat abused

At the end of November my cat, Tes, was shot with a pellet gun.

She has always been an outdoor cat. However, I have always taken care if my outdoor cats. They are all update on shots and fixed.

I took her to the vet at The Animal Hospital of Tiffin. Her jaw was broken in three places. She had a long surgery and stayed there three days. When she came home, she had a feeding tube and had to be feed every two hours. In about a week, the tube was removed. She still had to eat soft food. She recently started eating hard food sometimes. She had to stay indoors to recover. She remains indoors because of the trauma.

Please do not assume because a cat is outdoors, they are not loved and cared for.

Whoever shot her does not understand the consequences of their action. This has been traumatic for both of us.

I have had to pay a large vet bill to save her.

To the person who shot Tes: There was no reason for you to do what you did; this cat is very timid of strangers,

You should do the right thing now and pay the bill for all the pain and suffering you have caused.

I would like to thank the vets who saved Tes’s life.

Jessica E. Lang,