Next on the agenda

Do you know about Agenda 21 or sustainable development, the United Nation’s program to eliminate your private property rights? If you want to learn more, members of North Central Ohio Conservatives are sponsoring a nationally known speaker and authority at their next meeting.

The speaker, Don Casey, is a resident of Alabama; a Vietnam veteran; retired from U.S. Steel Corp.; a radio talk show host; a columnist; and vice chairman of the Alliance for Citizens Rights organization. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Camden Falls Conference Center.

Reservations are requested by contacting Jim Green at (567) 230-0044,; or Marsha Rexroth at (419) 618-0626,

Please invite your friends and family to hear this presentation and learn more about Agenda 21 and how to fight it.

Marsha Rexroth,

North Central Ohio