Media control needed, too

Thoughts from an old-fashioned conservative:

There has been a lot of talk lately about what’s causing the problems in our society. The first topic of discussion is always guns – we’ve got to focus on gun control. I certainly do not have a problem with this type of discussion, nor do I have a problem with some sort of limited gun control. Of course, a gun – or knife or an ax or a bomb or a baseball bat – in the wrongs hands can do a tremendous amount of destruction. And while there is certainly more than one answer as to how to correct the problems we have, I have some thoughts that should be considered; something you don’t see discussed on the major cable networks.

First, look at the violence and horror we see in today’s movies, one of which is “Mama.” It’s about a man who attempts to murder his wife and children and then commit suicide. That’s our entertainment these days. That’s what our children and young adults are watching these days. And, yes, it was No. 1 in the box office. Did we have violence and horror in the movies years ago? Yes, we had a few, but they were not displayed in horrible graphic detail as today.

Next, take a look at the so-called situation comedies that we and our children watch on TV these days. Most of the families in these “comedies” are simply a group of disorganized, chaotic, confused people, with no leadership where values and good conduct are being taught – absolutely nothing about morality, nothing about a wholesome family as it should be. What you see is the media’s version of what a family really is. Does that give us a hint as to what one of the problems might be today?

The destruction of the family unit, in my opinion, is one of the biggest problems that we face in today’s society. To the degree you destroy the family unit, to that same degree will our society be destroyed. We should pay attention to what we see in our media today. Please be assured I am not suggesting we do not give attention to gun control. What I am suggesting is we give the same attention to media control as we do gun control.

Frank SanGregory, Tiffin