Honored to be elector

Dec. 17, I had the distinct honor to serve as a presidential elector at the 53rd Electoral College of Ohio, representing the citizens of Ohio’s 4th Congressional District. It was a truly humbling experience for myself, a veteran teacher who spent 38 years as a social studies instructor in Ohio’s public schools. After having met President Barack Obama this summer, it was truly with great joy that I signed the official documents certifying his re-election, as your elector. Like many of you, I was proud to vote for the president who rescued the auto industry, who passed the comprehensive heath care act, who ended the war in Iraq, who got Osama bin Laden, lowered drug costs for seniors, reduced unemployment and created 3.5 million new jobs, among his many accomplishments.

I can tell you with great pride that following in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers, as a member of the Electoral College, gives one a true sense of the uniqueness of the political process they envisioned at the birth of our great nation. Again, it was my pleasure to serve as your elector for my fellow citizens of Ohio’s 4th Congressional District at Ohio’s 53rd Electoral College.

William “Bill” Young,

Green Springs