Gun control vs. gun rights

Did King George III make a huge mistake when he did not impose gun control prior to our Declaration of Independence? Were our founding fathers brilliant in the language they used in the Second Amendment?

It appears to me that lately gun sales are growing exponentially. Does that mean a lot more people are interested in hunting, or is it that people have a greater fear of government tyranny and infringement on our Bill of Rights?

While there is probably some room for looking at some aspects on assault guns and size of clips, there may be greater evidence to suggest the much bigger problem is mental health, an illness that America is in denial about. There was a day when we recognized some people needed special care and facilities. Then a movement came along and said we shouldn’t single anyone out for mental illness and closed facilities that would have served to help him or her. Closing these facilities would be like closing the door on a cancer or heart treatment, etc.

Even though I am not a member of the National Rifle Association, I have a feeling NRA members think the eventual goal is to incrementally dissolve their Second Amendment rights. It might be time to set aside our recent emotions on this issue and study all aspects of this debate. Each side has legitimate concerns and our country should be mature enough to come to an agreement on this issue that will not infringe on anyone’s right and bring to the forefront our need to acknowledge that mental illness and other issues need to be considered also in the gun violence debate.


Fred Zirger,