Forum one-sided

After attending the Fostoria Area Citizens for Peace gun violence forum Saturday, I was left wondering if anyone who sponsored it had a real idea of the real problems with violence in America.

The whole presentation, while being well-intentioned by some, was a thinly disguised anti-Second Amendment crusade by most of the forum “leaders.” Toby Hoover (from the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence) and other speakers were politely received, but their intolerance became painfully obvious when any dissenting opinions from their “party line’ were presented. Former Fostoria Mayor Jim Bailey was equally uninformed of any facts about the true meaning of an “unorganized militia.” A short readup on the Constitution may be suggested. The speakers about mental health and crisis response were very good and their information should not have been lost because of the actions of the forum leaders. I feel sad that we had to witness the uncivility of some of the sponsors who were invited into a church setting.

The general moral decline of the last 40 years, the lost generations of fatherless youth, and the distrust of political decisions has saddened many Americans concerned with our country’s future. While any random act of violence is deplorable, it pales in comparison to the inner-city violence which occurs daily. The liberal view of collective guilt instead of individual responsibility has given us no solutions. Do not look to D.C. for a moral compass! The hypocrisy of opportunistic propagandizing against the rights of law-abiding Americans after a national tragedy is distasteful to me.

David Brickner,