A reasonably broad solution

Recently, a mother of three young children in Georgia shot a burglar five times. She had heard him trying to break into her house and called the police. Apparently because of the distance, the police did not arrive soon enough.

The mother took her three young children and a gun she had for protection and hid in a secluded cupboard in the house. She heard the burglar break into her house and ransack it. The man spotted their hiding space and ripped open the locked door – their last protection. The mother shot the burglar five times. Was the mother wrong in keeping a gun and using it to protect her family?

Some people are proposing law-abiding citizens should be disarmed.

If guns are evil, then should not we follow the rules of England, where their people and the police are likewise unarmed, except for special circumstances for which the police must get permission from superiors to arm themselves?

Mahatma Gandhi is alleged to have said the most evil deed done to the people of India during their colonization was to prohibit the Indian people from the right to arm themselves.

I would make the following suggestions:

1. Have a national, computerized clearing house to prohibit all convicted felons from purchasing guns, as well as those on probation for violent misdemeanors. Also, psychotics who are certified by psychiatrists as a danger to society should be flagged on the national gun clearance list. The sale of guns to such individuals should be prohibited, whether by gun stores, gun shows, by individuals or through the Internet. Restoration of gun rights should only be restored after a proper hearing.

2. A felony involving a gun should have a mandatory 10-year sentence for the first offense and a life sentence upon the second offense. The gun sentence should not be allowed to be bargained down by attorneys for the defense.

3. Upon conviction for a gun-related

offense, the convicted person should be denied all state and federal payments while he is in prison. His pension, Social Security, disability funds, etc., should be used to pay imprisonment expenses for all inmates. Convicts should not benefit financially while serving time for a gun offense. However, this termination of payments should not deny separate payments due to the family of the convicted gun felon.

4. Restore the separation of dangerous psychotics from society by institutionalization. In Connecticut, where so many innocent children and adults were gunned down and killed by a person with a psychiatric disorder, and in many other states in our country, laws have allegedly provided that mental institutions be closed down and psychotics be turned out on the streets with a handful of pills and no enforced supervision.

I believe the gun issue should be handled with a reasonably broad solution.

Very truly yours,

Michael B. Lange,