Siblings patient, brave in escape

We tip our cap this week to the 17-year-old girl who helped her siblings escape horrific abuse at the hands of their parents.

It was an escape plan reminiscent of that in “The Shawshank Redeption,” in that it required infathomable patience — made even more remarkable as details of the tortuous living conditions the girl and her 12 brothers and sisters endured.

The prison escape depicted in the movie took nearly two decades to complete. The plan executed Sunday followed two year’s of planning — but, keep in mind, this was a real-life horror story.

According to reports, the children were physically and psychologically abused.

Prosecutors say the parents would place apple and pumpkin pies on a table and let their severely malnourished children look at the food but not let them eat it. Apparently, they purchased toys for their offspring but never let them remove them from packaging.

That makes claims that the 17-year-old daughter had been planning an escape with several other siblings for two years even more remarkable.