Parking can be improved but not perfected

As city and county representatives work to improve parking in Tiffin’s downtown, it’s important for all involved — including the public — to keep in mind two things.

First, there are two issues that need to be addressed in the county seat’s downtown.

One involves parking for city and county employees who will work in the Seneca County Justice Center after it opens. This was the primary concern of a committee formed to deal with parking issues anticipated downtown related to the justice center.

Another issue is the need for more parking downtown, during weekdays, evening and weekends. If parking were more plentiful in the city center, the issue of parking for justice center business wouldn’t be as much of a concern.

A second thing to keep in mind is that, while parking downtown can be improved, it likely never will be resolved perfectly. The need for more spaces, conveniently located, will continue to grow as business thrives downtown and more people opt to live there. It’s a sign of vitality.

It’s a worthy goal to improve parking downtown. It’s also an elusive one.