Data show people looking at moving to Tiffin

There was an rueful comment during the dark days of the 1980s, when major employers such as General Electric and Hayes-Albion were leaving Tiffin. It suggested changing the one-way streets downtown so they all lead out of town, to facilitate the outward migration of those losing jobs.

What a difference persistence, planning and hard work make. That sentiment has turned around.

An announcement last weekend noted Tiffin is ranked among the top 100 small cities nationwide drawing the attention of people looking to relocate.

A blog on the

moveBuddha website is headlined “100 Most Popular Small Cities To Relocate 2017.” The blog, published Monday by Tyler Wood, notes that as popular metropolises become more expensive, more people are seeking smaller cities, which are offering more amenities while being more affordable and less crowded.

“But exactly which small cities are people moving to?” the web log asked.

“In an attempt to figure this out, we took a look at all the data from our popular move pricing tool to determine which small cities were most searched as destinations in 2017.”

The research revealed the 100 most popular cities in the U.S. with populations between 10,000 and 50,000.

Four are in Ohio. Dublin, a suburb of Columbus, ranks 99th. New Franklin, southwest of Akron, is 76th.

Tiffin, the only city in northwest Ohio to make the list, is 40th. Only Brecksville, between Akron and Cleveland, rates higher, at No. 32.

It turns out those new wayfinding signs in downtown Tiffin are going to be handy. Newcomers are going to be needing them while navigating around our one-way streets.