Plenty of reasons to cast a ballot today

The general election this year is referred to as an off-year election. That’s a shorthand way of saying we are not electing a president (that was last year) or a member of Congress (that’s next year).

That’s not a backhand way of saying this election is not important. In fact, considering the number of key local issues and candidates, each vote cast is more likely to be a decisive one.

For example, throughout Seneca County, voters will decide the fate of tax levies for the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board and Seneca County Commission on Aging. For the record, we urge support for both issues.

In Tiffin, a quarter-percent income tax on the ballot would generate revenue for accelerated maintenance and repair of streets and bridges. Again, we urge voters to back this plan; in five years, motorists can evaluate the effectiveness of the funding.

Elsewhere, the electorate will be selecting school board members and township officials. These are the folks who help decide how your property taxes are used. See? This is an important election.

If you have not yet cast a ballot through the early or absentee voting programs, please do so today. Polling places will be open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.