Fund a study for parking garage

A committee looking into parking issues in downtown Tiffin offered possible short-term and long-term solutions Tuesday.

The committee, headed by Seneca County Common Pleas Court Judge Steve Shuff, primarily is concerned with availability of parking after the Seneca County Justice Center opens. Part of the short-term solution is related to that facility: assigning parking spots in county-owned lots for government employees who work downtown.

This, of course, could leave more on-street and public lot parking for residents and people doing business downtown. But the long-term proposal also could improve the parking situation in the central business district to the benefit of residents, shoppers and workers.

It involves building a parking garage.

The need for more parking downtown isn’t new. Comprehensive plans for Tiffin in 1965 and 1974 suggested razing vacant downtown buildings to make room for more spaces.

Over the years, that has happened. But with downtown undergoing a resurgence, buildings now vacant are more likely to become part of that renaissance.

A parking garage would make more efficient use of real estate dedicated to parking. For now, funding is needed to study the feasibility of building such a structure downtown.

Parking has been an issue downtown for more than 50 years. As more people live, work and shop downtown, that issue will persist. We encourage government and development officials to find the funds for the study.