New plan should be boost to recycling

The debate over curbside recycling in Tiffin tended to focus on the competitiveness of a citywide program and not the need for it, which seems a foregone conclusion.

The dissent among city council members centered on a desire to maintain competition between multiple trash haulers. The majority opted to seek competing bids for a single hauler.

It’s important to note the resultant legislation pursues two key goals: to increase recycling by city residents while seeking to keep costs as low as possible. The ordinance should succeed on both points.

Making recycling easier by allowing residents to carry recyclables to the curb – a trip they already make with their trash – instead of requiring them to cart it to a recycling location should result in more recyclable materials being routed away from the waste stream.

Also, the single entity gathering those materials should be able to take advantage of economies of scale. All recyclables would go to one hauler, not distributed among multiple ones.

That should help keep rates low.

As an added benefit, residential streets should see less wear as a single hauler collects disposables.

Of course, something else is needed to help make the effort more successful: the cooperation of residents in separating trash from recyclables. We hope they agree on that point.