Perhaps the issue is voter apathy

Maybe we’re barking up the wrong tree.

An analysis of turnout in the past three presidential elections by The Columbus Dispatch found early voting in Ohio hasn’t increased the percentage of voters casting ballots.

The Dispatch reported turnout in the 2012 race was lower than for the 2004 election, when there was no early voting.

In Seneca County, 32.75 percent of registered voters cast ballots in the March 2012 presidential primary. Eight years earlier, about 40 percent turned out to vote in the primary. And in the presidential contest, 70.5 percent of county voters cast ballots in 2012 – slightly less than the 71.5 percent who voted in 2004.

The report came after a federal judge granted a permanent injunction preventing the restriction or elimination of early voting hours on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before elections in Ohio.

Perhaps having adequate opportunities to vote isn’t keeping potential electors from casting ballots. Maybe the real issue is voter apathy – which could have a variety of underlying causes ranging from disinterest in a civic duty to doubt whether the act would make a difference, anyway. If so, being able to vote 24/7/365 wouldn’t compel them to cast ballots.