Get the kids (and yourself) active for summer

Summertime. For many adults, it stretches from Memorial Day through Labor Day. For youths, though, it begins the last day of school and ends when classes resume.

That’s not the only way adults and children part ways when it comes to summer. Too often, when parents head off to work, kids are left with their choice of electronic babysitters – television, video games, tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones.

Their parents might remember a time when even the TV set wasn’t much of an entertainment system. Before the advent of cable and satellite TV, the Internet, movie rentals and DVRs, afternoon programming wasn’t worth watching even when storms closed pools and canceled baseball games.

However, when fair skies ruled, pools, parks, ponds, quarries, creeks, diamonds and courts beckoned. And bicycles provided the way to transport kids from home to recreational adventure.

Fortunately, they still do.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends children get 60 minutes or more of activity daily. Running, jumping, biking, skating and swimming – basically, playing – are good ways to be active, as are playing pickup or organized games of baseball, softball and basketball.

Physical activities are as close as the nearest park or YMCA. Parents should encourage their children to get outside and enjoy the summer.

Adults also should set a good example and delve into outdoor activities, too. Take a walk, do some gardening and landscaping or – even better – join the kids in playing catch or riding bikes.

Don’t let the season pass by. Summer is not the time to hibernate.