You have a role in hometown safety

If you see something, say something. That is the basis of a national public awareness campaign that arose after the attacks on 9/11.

Even before it became a Department of Homeland Security slogan to combat terrorism, it was being used by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York. The MTA effort focused on crime and public safety aboard transit systems in New York City.

But residents can take that to heart in other ways, as shown by a passerby who reported a fire at a Tiffin residence after midnight Monday.

Before the smoke alarms at the home activated, but after the blaze had taken out the phone line, the citizen called 9-1-1 to report the emergency.

The motto could be expanded to mean, if you smell something, say something. It’s quite possible the person who reported the fire Monday helped prevent the flames from spreading to neighboring homes.

In short, what works for homeland security also applies to hometown safety.