Federal gov’t can be made less costly

Much of the partisanship in Washington, D.C., results from a lack of cooperation. Members of Congress and the Obama administration seem unwilling to work together, often because of conflicting goals; other times, they have differing approaches to achieving the same goal.

Contrast that with what has been happening locally:

Tiffin and Fostoria merged municipal courts, saving money by having one judge handle both caseloads.

Old Fort and Bettsville schools worked together to share staff and resources. Now, school board members and administrators in Old Fort district are exploring whether that district can acquire Bettsville’s in the wake of the latter district’s financial problems, but without inheriting its debt. Prudent approaches on both counts.

Tiffin and Seneca County hope to cooperate in creating a joint justice center to reduce costs.

North Central Ohio Educational Service Center formed the North Central Ohio Regional Council of Governments for the purpose of helping area school districts, villages, cities and townships reduce costs and save on purchases while maintaining or improving services.

This points to a way members of Congress could shrink government without changing its scope; a way to reduce the deficit without raising taxes or touching entitlements. They should heed the Government Accounting Office’s annual report outlining duplicative federal programs and its suggestions to reduce the redundancy, fragmentation and overlap.

The GAO usually produces it every April. Hopefully, not in triplicate.