A united way to top goal

A tip of the hat to everyone involved in Tiffin-Seneca United Way’s 2013-2014 fundraising campaign, which exceeded its $500,000 goal Thursday.

Four days before the campaign was to wrap up, gifts from National Machinery LLC, National Machinery Foundation and company Chairman and CEO Andrew H. Kalnow put the campaign over the top. Down the stretch, the company kicked in another $20,000, while the foundation added $40,000 and Kalnow contributed another $10,000.

That is in addition to the $80,000 the company and $25,000 the foundation had pledged earlier. But the total also is attributed to financial contributions of businesses, organizations, workers and residents gave during the campaign.

Part of that is due to the diligence and work of individuals who guided the fundraising effort. The result truly is reflective of the name “United Way.”