Yet more snow days might be needed

A proposal to allow Ohio schools more calamity days due to the snowy, frigid weather this winter has stalled in the Statehouse.

Disparities between the House and Senate versions of the bill are to be worked out in a conference committee. Each bill would allow four more calamity days. The disagreement is over whether school districts would have to use contingency days built into the school calendar before using the extra days off.

The House approved its approach last week. The Senate passed its measure Wednesday, and the House promptly rejected the differences.

The delay, to allow a committee of members from both chambers to negotiate a compromise, may be well-timed. The AccuWeather forecast for this weekend calls for 4-8 inches of snow from Saturday into Sunday. The Weather Underground forecast predicts snow through Sunday night.

This winter isn’t over. The need to close schools due to snow-covered roads may not be passed, either.

The four additional calamity days provided by the bills may not be enough.